Getting started with ionic-framework – Ionic Framework Introduction and Installation and Setup

Ionic Framework

A Cross-platform mobile application development framework using Angular JS and Front End web technologies.

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Installation and Setup

Ionic required NPM(Node Package Manager) and Cordova.

You can download and install Npde JS from here which comes with NPM out of the Box.

To download Apache Cordova you can use NPM from command line

npm install -g cordova

If you already have NPM and Cordova then you can install ionic framework from Command line using following command.

npm install -g ionic

This will install and setup ionic framework for you to use it from command line.

Note* Based on your system environment you might need to execute with Admin privileges.

Starting A New Project

To Start a new Ionic Framework Project you can use following command

ionic start myproject


ionic start myproject [template_name]


Ionic allows You to create project using some built in templates

tabs(default): which will create a simple app with tab view.

sidemenu: which will create ionic app with side menu.

blank: which will create a blank ionic app.

which will create a new folder named myproject with all the ionic project files.

to test project in your browser you can use following command

ionic serve --lab


ionic serve

Run an Emulate
To execute or test app on emulator or phone first you will have to add platform for that you can use following command

ionic platform [Platform Name]
ionic build [Platform Name]
ionic emulate [platform name]

Platform Names you can directly mention android and ios for respective Platforms you can mention multiple platform names also separated by space.

To run your app you can use

ionic run [platform name]

For help you can use

ionic --help


ionic help

Refer this link for detailed explanation of ionic cli.

Refer this link for CSS components available in ionic.

Refer this link for Javascript API reference for ionic.

For quicker development with ionic you can try ionic Playground also.

Best of luck with ionic framework…

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