Getting started with kibana – Introduction

What is Kibana:

Kibana is used for making visualizations and creating dashboards for the indexes presented in elasticsearch. Basically, it is an open source plug-in for elasticsearch.

Kibana Page

There are Six Tabs:

  1. Discover:

    You can explore your data from Discover tab

  2. Visulization:

    Creating visualization with different charts such as bar chart,line chart,pie chart etc.

  3. Dashboard:

    It is used for creating dashboard with created visualization. It contains your visualization to represent your process.

  4. Timelion:

    It is timeseries of kibana

  5. Dev Tools

    It is like sense plugin used for elasticsearch. It contains request and response field

  6. Management

    This is used for managing your kibana. It contains Settings for the kibana plugin

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Getting started with kibana – Introduction - CodeDay