Getting started with mips – QtSpim for windows

  1. download QtSpim from here 32.6 MB
  2. install it easy installation
  3. make your first assembly file (.s) or use the sample C:\Program Files (x86)\QtSpim\helloworld.s
  4. run the program from the desktop shortcut or C:\Program Files (x86)\QtSpim\QtSpim.exe

there are two windows for the program the main one labeled QtSpim here you see the program you are executing (labeled text), the memory(labeled data), the values of the registers (labeled FP Regs for floating point and Int Regs for integer ) and the control for the simulator

the other window labeled console is where you will see the output and enter the input of your program if there are any

  1. load the file using File -> Load File
  2. you can use click run (f5) to see the end result or go step by step (p10) to see state of the register and memory while the program executing to debug

if you want to reproduce, please indicate the source:
Getting started with mips – QtSpim for windows - CodeDay